Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse - Montreal American Cuisine

Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse Montreal American restaurant

Cuisine: American     Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW)/Apportez votre vin (AVV): No     Live Entertainment=No

Burgers, American, Burgers, Pub Food, Comfort Food

Bring your family and friends to a southern American BBQ joint right in the heart of "The Main" on St-Laurent Blvd.
Forget your fast food meal - if you are on St-Laurent, visit us for some of the best lunch special that you have ever seen.
Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse was started by 4 childhood friends who shared a passion for the American BBQ. At each get together they would comeup with new ways to impress and please all the guests until one day theydecided that it was time to start their own restaurant. For the past 3 yearsthey visited BBQ Restaurants in the Southern United States, each time learning new cooking methods,quality and cuts of meats to use and the spices needed to achieve Southernflavors.

The partners then decided to invest in a backyard smoker pitand began the testing that was needed to develop their own Spice Rubs, andcooking times for each cut of meat. Three long years later they are ready to open their restaurant.

Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse is an authentic American BBQ witha Quebec twist. It offers the most delicious BBQ meats, all smoked with Maple Woodto give them a spectacular Quebec Maple flavor. On the menu you will find PulledPork, Brisket, Chicken, Turkey, Hams, Bacon, Smoked Primed Rib, Smoked Salmonand Trout, and of course Shrimps.

Practically everything on the menu will include the smokingprocess in its cooking method. The sweet smell of Maple Wood that will greetyou at the door is proof that all their products will be smoked on site in theirSouthern Pride Smoker, fresh every day.

For more information about 'Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse' please visit: http://lefumoirrubs.com/

Address: 17 rue Prince-Arthur E, Montreal, H2X 1B2

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