Le Taj - Montréal Indian Cuisine

Le Taj Montréal Indian restaurant

Cuisine: Indian     Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW)/Apportez votre vin (AVV): No     Live Entertainment=No

Le Taj Restaurant in the heart of Downtown Montreal has served authentic Indian cuisine for many years. Their excellent traditional menu offers a wide selection of curried meals, meats in velvety, aromatic and spicy sauces, tandoori dishes as well as meats marinated in yoghurt, lemon and spices, then braised and cooked in their tandoor oven.

Le Taj has a very visible tandoor (clay oven) around which you can see the chef prepare delights such as lamb chops, kebabs, garlic shrimps, chicken tikka, chicken xacouti for the very spicy lovers and, of course, nan bread.

The decor at Le Taj represents a true synthesis of the complex and the colorful and the simple and the elegant. Its ambiance often leaves guests speechless.

For more information about 'Le Taj' please visit: http://www.restaurantletaj.com/index.flash.php

Address: 2077 rue Stanley, Montreal, H3A 1R7

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