Bienvenue en Inde - Montreal Indian Cuisine

Cuisine: Indian
Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW)/Apportez votre vin (AVV): No
Live Entertainment: No

Located in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal, Bienvenue En Inde is a charming restaurant that will surely please you. If you want to discover or re-discover the exotic flavors of India, then this neighbourly Indian restaurant is for you! The place has a nice atmosphere with subdued decor details that give an intimate feeling to your dinner. You'll be surprised by the warm and discreet welcome that waits you. The cheerful staff is really nice and you know that the moment you enter that you are in for a pleasant time.

As for cuisine, you can find all the classic Indian dishes... Everything served is faithful to the traditional recipes of Indian cuisine. The portions are generous, the dishes are tasty and you can decide what level of spice you want. Thrill seekers, why not ask for a very spicy dish. Here, the spice mixes are prepared on site and it shows.

At Bienvenue En Inde, the quality and freshness is paramount.

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Address: 404 rue Gilford, Montreal, H2J 1N2

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