Phuket - Montreal Asian Cuisine

Cuisine: Asian
Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW)/Apportez votre vin (AVV): Yes
Live Entertainment: No

Thai, Sushi, Asian

Menu Thai
Un repas thaïe satisfait les dîneurs avec une harmonie de goûts: doux, aigre, chaud, épicé et salé. Dans un repas, chacun de ces 5 goûts devrait être présent.

Avec un mélange unique de saveurs, frais et savoureux pour leur sushi qui est maintenant l'un des choix les plus populaires de Phuket.

Restaurant Phuket in the St-Leonard district of Montreal is not your usual Thai cuisine restaurant, this restaurant is a Fusion of Thai and Sushi and both cuisines are highly recommended. Authentic for their Thai with a unique blend of flavors, herbs and spices creating an interesting and delicious combination, and fresh and tasty for their Sushi which is now one of Phuket’s most popular choices.

A Thai meal pleases diners with an harmony of tastes - sweet, sour, hot, spicy and salty. In a meal, all five tastes should be present. A typical Thai meal consists of an appetizer or two - perhaps hot or cold spring rolls and a salad - be it of green mango, papaya or cold beef. Soup is the well-loved Thom yum goong or seafood with coconut milk, tinged with lemongrass. There's usually a curry dish - an emerald curry or a red curry, perhaps a whole fried fish, and noodles, all served with steamed rice. For dessert, look for the delicious fried ice cream topped with honey and chocolate syrup.

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Address: 4673 rue Jarry E, Montreal, H1R 1X6

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