Sound Recording Camp - Montreal Kids Camp

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Age: 13 to 17 years old.
When you listen to music, do you often wonder how to make "crazy" recordings? Would it be a dream come true for you to visit a recording studio or even to create your very own "house" studio? Do you love sound for its arrangements and endless possibilities? Well, we have a camp for you: the Sound Recording Camp!

The Sound Recording Camp program is addressed to 13 to 17 year olds with an interest in sound. In a weeklong stay, they will discover the basics of sound, voice and musical recording. Of course, the camp will be offered in English and French. As the campers technicians will be recording the performance of a musical group at the end of their stay, periods of studio exploration will be allotted every camp day and supervised by an experienced teacher

The trainee sound technicians will also be invited to learn more about the subject during workshops such as “Sound Recording Tips,” “Studio Exploration,” and “Practical technique.”

Workshops :
“Sound Recording Tips”
Once a day, the “Sound Recording Tips” workshop will address several questions regarding the world of sound recording. The following aspects will be explored during this workshop: how to manage the technical requests of the composers as well as those by the artists, the various trainings offered in sound recording, and the technical world of professional and amateur recording. The purpose of this workshop will be to inform the young sound recorders about the sound recording world.

“Studio Exploration”
The “Studio Exploration” workshop will make it possible for the sound technicians to explore and discover a recording studio and its contents. They will also have the opportunity to explore different types of computer software used for recording as well as the technical operation used during a recording session. Moreover, they will learn how to concoct their own “house” studio. This workshop will familiarize the campers with the material that professional and amateur technicians use.

“Practical technique”
The workshop “Practical technique” will offer the recording trainees the opportunity to use all the material they discovered in the “Studio Exploration” workshop. Every day, they will have to produce eccentric sound effects or record the decibel of a trainee singer. Of course, everything will be done in the recording studio!

Their week of training will end with a band recording of bands from the Garage Band Camp. They will be entirely responsible for the studio, the recording session and the post-production of the demo. In this way, they will put to the test all that they have learned in one short week. They will truly live a “once in a lifetime” experience!

If sound fascinates you and you want to learn how to “play” with it, then the Sound Recording Camp is for you!