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Spring break and Summer day camp 2012
Age Range: 5.5 to 14 years old

Lambda 2012 Summer Camp Schedule
Duration 2 weeks
Date 25 June to 6 July
9th July to 20 July
23 July to 3 August
6 August to 17 August
20 August to 24 August
General Program Description of 2012 Spring Break Camp
The Lambda summer camp is intended for 5.5 to 14 years old students. The goal is to provide learners a summer of fun and artistic education through an immersion in the arts.

Piano Program

Children will learn the basics of keyboard technique—including healthy posture, hand positions, and fluidity of movement. Basic concepts of music notation and rhythm will also be introduced. They will also participate in group ensembles where keyboard technique is cultivated in a musical atmosphere of joy and excitement.

Children will be guided through demonstrations, thematic improvisations, duo performances, and playing with ensembles. Along the way, the children will learn familiar masterpieces.

Violin - Gregore Monlun
Learners are introduced to the violin as an important stringed instrument as both a solo and ensemble instrument. Campers will have hands on experience with a violin, and learn about the special characteristic of the instrument.

Harp – Annabelle Renzo
To introduce campers to the Celtic harp, and to acquire hands on experience on the instrument. Discover this beautiful instrument with a history of more than 5 thousand years.

Guitar – Alexandre Ethier
To cultivate in learners a sense of the guitar, and also explore the possibilities of using it as a solo and ensemble instrument. Students with previous experience in guitar will be able to advance their skills by learning new repertoire and new techniques.

Clarinet & Saxophone – Lorraine Pitre

The global sense of musical exploration is encouraged by exposing students to a diversity of instruments, including the guitar, clarinet and saxophone.

Through exposure to high calibre concert artists, our campers can be inspired by quality music performances as well as develop a deep appreciation for the arts.

Broadway Musicals, Singing
Students participate in an innovative program of singing, acting and dance that will introduce them to the variety and excitement of Broadway theatre. Activities include choral singing for musical theater, acting and movement through dance. Children will learn choreography and develop story telling in ensemble groups.

The program will foster in the children a sense of community through inspiring, interesting, fun and educational activities. They will learn techniques that will help them develop concentration, coordination, listening, as well as the ability to hear harmonies, read music and play creatively.

Dance, as a universal language, cuts across all cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Dance creates a platform that allows stories, feelings and emotions to be exchanged freely without the limitations of words. In the summer program, children will explore different styles within dance including jazz, salsa, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and others. The goal is to expose children to the different qualities and flavors of each dance style. By experiencing a large variety of dance styles, the children will expand their vocabulary of physical expression and discover for themselves which styles they most personally identify with.

Graphic arts - Jacinta Ionno
This program provides children with an especially rich and full experience of the graphic arts. They will learn basic techniques in drawing and in manipulating paint, brushes and tools as a medium for self-expression. The hands-on activities are specially designed to be age appropriate. The students will discover their favorite themes for painting through exposure to a range of subjects including land and seascapes, still life and flowers. They will learn about color theory, composition, drawing with pencil, painting with watercolors and water-based oil paints.

The goal of this program is to help children develop a deep understanding for the rich varieties of expression that are possible through the graphic arts and to give them confidence to create in this medium.

Digital Photography & Videography - Angela Chan
Connections are made in the world of visual arts and music through digital photography and music appreciation. Through linking up the sense (auditory and visual), students develop greater acuity of perception in their environment. In digital photography classes, students will learn about basic concepts of photography such as composition, perspective, as well as develop skills necessary for day to day photography needs.

Music Appreciation - Angela Chan, Min Kyeong Kim
In music appreciation, students will learn about the intangibles of music - from how to enjoy music more through listening to different aspects of music (melody, harmonies, colors, rhythm, interpretation), to actually exploring the inner workings of the grand piano and other instruments.

Culinary Arts - Cynthia Wong
Students will learn to prepare basic foods with the help of our camp counsellors. Campers learn about basic hygiene and safety in the process of food preparation, procedural planning, knowledge about basic nutrition for various food groups, concepts of being "green" in disposal of left overs, as well as experience the joy of sharing foods.
At the end of each two-week session camp (for summer camp) there will be selected presentations of class work for an invited audience.

Our buffet lunch menu will focus on nutrition and variety while taking into account taste and appearance, which usually dominate children’s preferences.
** The lunch program is included with the general fee, but will not be available to students with food allergies.