Horizon Day Camp - Montreal Kids Camp

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Horizon Day Camp was developed in an effort to address the summertime needs of youth and families and to provide educational programming to increase intercultural understanding with the mixture of Chinese culture, especially the Chinese language and Kung-Fu. In doing so, the camp provides a safe and engaging place for youth to spend their free summer time and also contributes to the development of cultural competence in youth. Led by both Multicultural Academy Canada and Quebec Academy of Chinese Culture and Education staffs and numerous supporters and cooperators like Ville-Marie Borough, Commission Scolaire de Montréal, Rive-Sud School Board, Montreal Chinese Cultural and Community Center, and CJNT televison channel, the cooperative effort enables Montreal new immigrants' children to participate in worthwhile summer programming at minimal or no-cost, with the participation of Quebec child-care tax benefit.

Program description: Located in Montreal downtown, recruiting in both South Shore and Montreal, 2011 Horizon Day Camp is continuously committed to providing a meaningful summer experience with fruitful learning and funny playing. The ratio of learning and playing is different with different grade. The learning results from grade 5 and welcome group are pretty charming and satisfactory guaranteed.

Activity(ies): Safari, OKA beach, OKA farm, Jean-drapeau swimming pool, biodome, botanique, insectarium, planetarium, science center. Availability depends.