Digital Music Camp - Montreal Kids Camp

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Dawson College’s Centre for Training & Development (CTD), through its association with BalMedia Musique, is offering an exciting Digital Music camp for teenagers in Montreal.

The Digital Music Camp aims to provide young Montrealers between the ages of 12 and 17 with a completely unique and high quality summer music camp experience. It is our mission to bring together adolescents to challenge, encourage and motivate them, stimulate their imagination, and inspire creative freedom while maintaining a total commitment to artistic growth.

Camp Details
The camp offers music-mixing and multimedia to music students at all levels. Working in groups, students will learn how to use computers to create a wide variety of digital media projects.

Students have the option of registering in, one, two or three levels:

Beginner - Level 1 (Week 1)
Intermediate - Level 2 (Week 2)
Advanced - Level 3 (Week 3)
The Camp runs weekly from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays to Fridays. The objectives of the camp are to:

* create fun multimedia projects with music (i.e. loops. podcasts, ringtones, presentations, digital story telling, etc.);
* develop students' interests in various styles of music (i.e. classical, popular, dance, digital media, etc.);
* complement the students' knowledge of music with theory, ear training and sight reading exercises;
* introduce students to the science of music and sound (i.e., using music as a tool to understand math and science).

$291.37 For one week registration
$14.57 5.0% GST
$29.06 9.5% QST
$335.00 Total Cost (taxes included)

Students who have attended a music camp previously or have equivalent experience may enroll directly in Level 2. Level 3 offers students who completed levels 1 and 2 an opportunity to learn and practice more advanced levels of music mixing and multimedia