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Kids Camps in Montreal

This summer camp will take your children on a voyage to discover the fun of martial arts as well as initiate them to other activities. Children will acquire valuable knowledge in karate, as well as improve their fitness level, self-esteem, and flexibility. More importantly, they will make long lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.

The Karate Program
Our summer karate camp program is designed for both new and experienced students. The new students will learn all the basic techniques they need to know to get their first belt. They will also be able to use these techniques, as they will be introduced to self-defense.

As for the more experienced students who want to participate, special attention will be given to their techniques and katas so they can improve quickly. A more personal “coaching” approach will be given to sparring and they will also be able to learn more advanced self-defense techniques.

The karate instruction will be given like normal karate classes, where one teacher directs a group of 10 to 12 students. This helps children learn how to focus in a class, as well as respect for their peers and teacher. The karate instruction will also be in the form of workshops, where a small group of five to six students will work with an instructor on a specific skill. This provides the opportunity to work with more precision. It also helps adapt the different skill levels of the children.

The summer program also permits us to introduce slightly less traditional facets or martial arts. These activities are Nunchakus and Crazy Moves.

Nunchakus are an ancient Japanese weapon formed by two sticks which are tied together by a short rope. Obviously, since this is taught at a beginner’s level, we use soft sticks which are covered with foam. Security first, especially with the accidental first misses.

Crazy Moves is where the teachers get to teach the crazy moves that are usually seen in movies and not taught in karate (for obvious reasons!).

The Nutrition and Healthy Living Program

Nutrition is a very important part of sports and martial arts. Furthermore it is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our nutrition program’s goal is to make the kids more aware how healthy eating habits can really make a difference in their lives. The main way we accomplish these goals is by demonstrating how to make smoothies. Not only are smoothies delicious, nutritious and refreshing, they are also fun to make!

Other Activities

We understand that every child is different. Just like everyone learns at a different speed, every child likes different things. This is the main reason why we offer an array of other activities. Some of which are:
• Dodgeball (including Dr. Dodgeball of course)
• Soccer and Soccer Baseball
• Baseball
• Ultimate Frisbee
• Capture the Flag
• Arts and Crafts / Drawing / Painting
• Improvisation
• Bracelet making
• Movie Making
• Water Rockets
• And much more ...

It is important to note that each participant may not try every single one of these activities. The counselor will ask the group on the first day of camp which activities they would like to try the most and will plan the week accordingly.

A typical day at camp

Programs run from Monday to Friday. The day is divided into six periods, two of which will be focused on karate or karate-related activity. Campers arrive at 8:30 and leave at 4pm. Parents or guardians are responsible for traveling them to our location. On the last afternoon of the camp (3pm), the whole family is invited for a demonstration of what the campers have learned and also some impressive skills their teachers have.

Extended hours are available at an extra cost. These hours are from 7am to 8:30 in the morning and from 4pm to 6pm at evenings.

Our facility

The activities will be practiced both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, we have an air conditioned 1500 square foot gym. Our establishment is well equipped and usually accommodates over 75 people at a time. Since the camp is restricted to 24 campers, everyone will have more than enough room to play. Our facility is also located near a beautiful parks where the children will be able to practice their favorite activities. This park will also give us the opportunity to give classes outside.

It is important to note that activities will be when the sun shines. We believe this is an important aspect of a summer camp. It also complements out street safe and healthy living program.

Weeks available

Here are the weeks available for this summer

Week 1 June 27 to July 1
Week 2 July 4 to July 8
Week 3 July 11 to July 15
Week 4 July 18 to July 22
Week 5 August 8 to August 12
Week 6 August 15 to August 19

Week 1 July 4 to July 8
Week 3 July 11 to July 15

If you would like to register your child, please download and complete the registration form (Kirkland / Vaurdeuil-Dorion) and return it to the club.

Places are limited, so sign up fast.

* Regitration forms are also available a the clubs.

CIT Program

If you are between the ages of 14 and 15 and interested in being a counselor in training, email [email protected]


Jocelyn Dubois at (514) 694-8719