CKUT Radio Camp - Montreal Kids Camp

Kids Camps in Montreal

Age: 10 to 17 years old.
Did you hear on the radio that there’s something new in camp programming? With CKUT Radio Camp, you will get the chance to try out the world of radio! In collaboration with CKUT*, McGill University’s community radio station, we have designed a one week intensive program to introduce you to this fascinating medium of communication!

How does radio work? And a sound studio? How is the musical programming chosen? And the interviews with celebrities? Answers to all these questions and more, and intense activities are all programmed into this great camp!

To be sure the experience is interesting for everyone, 10-13 year old and 14-17 year old will have their own groups and the camps will be held in alternating sessions. Also, the CRC gang (max of 10 registrations per session!) will finish their week by participating in a live CKUT broadcast!

New for the 14-17 years old: 2 specialized 2-weeks sessions!
We are offering two new 2-week long specialized camps for teenagers aged 14-17. In the first week teens will get the full radio experience using CKUT's recording equipment and studios, and learning all of the basic radio production skills complete with two live-on-air programmes hosted by the campers. In addition, the campers will spend the second week focusing on one of two specializations: Music and Sound Art; or Journalism and Documentary.

Music and Sound Art Specialization (Session 1)
•advanced DJ skills
•build your own electronic musical instruments
•meet local musicians and sound artists
•take part in collective sound improvisations (no musical experience necessary)
•how to organize a concert (with local promoters)
•how to run a record label (from a local label)
•record a live music session
Journalism and Documentary Specialization (Session 2)
•create your own radio documentary feature
•meet documentary-makers
•discover different styles of documentary
•effective story-telling in a documentary context
•advanced audio editing
•using sound and music to tell your story
•field trips around the city for documentary recording
•Interview techniques & booking interviews