Camp Amy Molson - Montreal Kids Camp

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Camp Amy Molson is a residential camp for inner-city Montreal children, aged 5 to 13 years old. Camp Amy Molson offers 3 sessions of 15 days each. The staff-to-camper ratio is better than one to three, so that all the youngsters are guaranteed very personal care.

There is an exciting program of activities, especially created to capture the imagination of young children. The campers learn to play on the peaceful 180-acre lakeside site...a far cry from noisy, steamy pavements. As a rule six youngsters sleep in each well-constructed cabin, each in his or her own bunk bed. Two counsellors also sleep in the same cabin, so the campers are never alone.

Our mission is to provide underprivileged children with a happy, outdoor holiday where campers can build self-esteem, develop positive relationships and learn valuable life skills in a context that promotes group learning and nurtures each child individually.
Summer at Camp Amy Molson is an extremely rewarding experience, for both children and staff!
Programs and activities offered at C.A.M. include arts & crafts, sports, music, cooperative games, live arts, swimming, boating, pottery, nature lore, library. There is also archery, hiking, basketball, and a hebertism course. Theme days vary from year to year. Those offered over the years have included Halloween, Carnival, Christmas, Beach Day, Valentine's Day, Olympic Day, Superhero Day, Pirate Day and International Day.

• To introduce elementary skills in archery.
• To promote hand-eye coordination, dexterity, patience, following direction, develop an understanding of safety procedures.


• to enable the campers to be creative in different ways
• to provide the campers with opportunities to express themselves through art
• to enable the campers to discover that they can create games and toys through crafts


• to develop self-esteem and confidence through participation in the performing arts
• to create enthusiasm among all campers and staff in stage performances, including dance, drama, improvisation, mime, etc.


• to introduce elementary skills in pottery
• to complete a project during the session to take home


• to provide the opportunity for all campers to learn to swim with confidence or improve their skills
• to create a safe and fun environment during free swim


• to encourage the campers to participate in all activities regardless of their ability
• to promote cooperation in all sports activities
• to promote activities for future enjoyment


• to encourage the campers to learn to respect and enjoy music
• to ensure the campers have fun while learning new songs and dances


• to promote cooperation through games
• to encourage teamwork while learning new fun games


• to teach campers how to row a boat
• to teach and enforce boating rules and water safety
• to provide an enjoyable water experience


• to enable campers to learn about nature and grow to love the outdoors
• to develop an appreciation and respect for the environment


• to provide all campers access to books
• to encourage the campers to read and staff to read to the campers

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Fax : 514.484.1070
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