West Island College - Montréal Private School

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West Island College is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1974 by Terry D. Davies, in response to the need for an academic program dedicated to preparing students for post secondary studies and for the reality of contemporary Canadian society. The College was first established in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, and moved to its present location in 1978 to accommodate its growing student body.
Throughout the College's history, it has met with outstanding success in each of its pursuits. This fact is easily substantiated by the College's rapid growth. The original campus, from a modest genesis of 40 students, now accommodates 450 students in a custom built school.
With a continuing commitment to the balanced academic and social growth of young Canadians,
West Island College embarked on an ambitious program of expansion. In 1982, West Island College of Alberta opened in Calgary.
In 1985, Class Afloat was founded. The co-educational sailing program combined accredited academic classes for senior high school students with one semester or two of world travel aboard a tall ship.
Since Mr Davies' retirement in 2005, these separate legal entities are each governed by their own Board of Governors and operate their educational programs independently of one another.

West Island College offers the students of its Junior School a choice between two programs
of study.
1. French language curriculum
This curriculum is designed for students who, during their elementary school education, opted for French immersion studies, or attended French schools. Students enrolled in this curriculum follow their core program in French.
2. French Immersion curriculum
Cert. of eligibility for English studies required.
This curriculum is designed for students who have followed either English or French programs in elementary school and who are ready to accept the challenge of learning a second language. Students enrolled in this curriculum follow their core English, Mathematics and Science courses in English and complementary courses in French.
Graduates of either program may earn the West Island College Certificate of Bilingualism.