Trafalgar School for Girls - Montreal Private School

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Trafalgar graduates receive both their Secondary School Diploma from the Quebec Ministry of Education and their Trafalgar Diploma. The curriculum is based on the Quebec Education Program.

The core curriculum at all levels consists of English, French, mathematics, social studies, arts (art, music and or drama) and physical education. Science and Technology is compulsory in Secondary I through IV. Trafalgar also encourages the use of information technology in all disciplines at all levels.
Students work in regular or advanced sections for mathematics and some sciences. We group students, according to French ability, into either français avancé, langue seconde enrichi, or langue seconde base sections.

As a further enrichment to our French programme and in keeping with the ongoing reforms in all Quebec schools, Secondary I and II students study sciences humaines in French. Students in Secondary III and IV have the option to continue social studies in French or English.

At Secondary I and II we offer a wide variety of compulsory courses and stress the foundation of good study skills. Courses include ethics and religious culture, multi-media, and Spanish.

Secondary III students study the core curriculum as well as optional credit courses in computer science and Spanish. A course in personal development is also followed.

Secondary IV and V provide students with a wider choice of credit courses. Among them are art history, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, North American literature, physics, Spanish, and world history. A course in ethics and religious culture is also followed.