St. George's School of Montreal - Montreal Private School

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Elementary School Grades K - 6 (Cycles I - III)
At St. George's School of Montreal, we believe strongly in the importance of addressing the strengths of individual students and focusing on their natural abilities.
Your child will be challenged in French, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and technology within an integrated curriculum that fosters both academic commitment and independence. Critical faculties, essential to a growing mind, are developed at every opportunity and aesthetic sensibilities are developed by stimulating programs in both art and music. Furthermore, your child will become an active participant in the learning process through collaborative learning, cross-grade projects, experiments and memorable field trips. State-of-the-art technology, including a mobile laptop program, complements the curriculum and enables students to affirm their computer literacy.
High School Grades 7 - 11 (Secondary I to V) Cycles I & II
St. George's School of Montreal is committed to providing its students with a broad-based academic profile throughout their High School years. The program for students in Cycle I is designed to strengthen communication skills in both French and English, encourage enriched learning in the areas of mathematics, science and technology, and introduce students to social sciences and athletics, as well as the performing arts (i.e. art, music and drama). Additionally, the program encourages students to develop more specialized backgrounds once they have arrived at the Cycle II, Year 2. At this time, and continuing in Cycle II, Year 3, students may select from several learning options as follows:
* Mathematics/Science Option, designed to provide them with the necessary prerequisites for post-secondary education in the Health or Physical Sciences;
* Visual/Performing Arts Option, designed to provide students with the necessary prerequisites for post-secondary education in the Visual and/or Performing Arts;
* General Option, including a broad variety of courses which will give them a diverse and enriched background for post-secondary studies in the Liberal Arts or Social Sciences.