Queen of Angels Academy - Montreal Private School

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Envision a place where all the leaders are girls and all the girls are encouraged to lead. A place calm and free of distraction where the balance of team work and competition builds girls' confidence and self-esteem. A place with a deep sense of community and positive female role models. A school where she's a player and not just part of the crowd.
Our outstanding, enriched curriculum and passionate and inspiring teachers expand her intellectual boundaries each and every day.
Vigorous and challenging, our Science, English, Math, Langue Maternelle, second level enriched and regular French, Social Science, and Fine Arts programs fully prepare her for the rigors of post secondary programs in the province and worldwide.

The school offers

* Three levels of French instruction (Francais langue d'enseignement, second language enriched and second language regular) and French Immersion
* We offer all three Math/Science pathways
* Richly varied sports and extracurricular programs
* Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) enhancements in all classrooms and labs
* Spacious, park-like campus
* Commitment to each student's personal best