Loyola High School - Montreal Private School

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Loyola High School is a Jesuit, Catholic high school that challenges its young men and offers a university preparatory program. Loyola is committed to the development of the whole person through a comprehensive education experience of academic excellence, spiritual and religious formation, and extra-curricular involvement. Our goal is to educate our students to live meaningful lives, to acquire knowledge, a greater understanding of themselves and an awareness of their responsibilities in a global society.
Loyola High School encourages each student to strive for academic excellence and to pursue his intellectual development to the full measure of his personal talents. Academic excellence involves much more than receiving satisfactory grades on a challenging curriculum. Students are expected to perform at a high level, but just as importantly work hard and complete homework and assignments as required. They must develop a strong work ethic and be self-motivated. Students who are unmotivated, who do not complete homework or assignments, who expend minimal effort on their courses and who do not work to their potential academically, may be asked to leave Loyola.
Loyola High School has an extensive extra-curricular activity program and encourages participation in intellectual, cultural, social and religious pursuits. Loyola sponsors a number of clubs and sports. Students should not consider participating in activities that will interfere with their academic success. One or two activities per term are usually more than enough.
The pursuit of academic excellence and the participation in extra-curricular activities takes place at Loyola High School as the school community pledges itself to work together with the person of Jesus. Loyola has a rich history of serving Montreal?s English Catholic community for more than a hundred years. The goal of the school is the formation of mature, responsible, Christian adults, in accordance with the tradition of the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus. Through study, prayer and action, Loyola fosters a knowledge and love of God and man, and a commitment to the Christian service of one?s neighbour. Seeking to become a member of the Loyola community implies a commitment to explore, uphold and promote the moral and religious values that are an essential part of Loyola?s identity. Loyola does accept about ten percent of applicants who are practicing other faiths and who meet all the application criteria. Therefore, students of other faiths are welcome to apply; all the while assuming that applicants are willing to learn about the Catholic religious tradition and are committed to their own spiritual growth.