Lower Canada College - Montreal Private School

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Lower Canada College (LCC) of Montreal is an elementary and secondary level private school. The college was founded by the Church of St John the Evangelist in 1861 as St. John's School and changed its name to Lower Canada College in 1909, replacing an older school by that name that was founded in 1847.
LCC offers education from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students graduate from Grade 11, and then have the option of leaving the school and going on to CEGEP, which is the university preparatory system in Quebec, or returning to LCC for the Pre-University year.

LCC is proud to offer amazing opportunities for students. Our academic program has enriched courses for those needing an extra challenge, a wide variety of optional courses to appeal to every student, appropriate focus on fundamental skill development through our early literacy and grade 7 orientation programs, and support for different learning styles. We also have a full range of co-curricular opportunities: unparalleled offerings in media and the arts, leadership positions at almost all grade levels, a comprehensive athletics program that meets the interests of every kind of athlete, and an international program augmented by membership in the Duke of Edinburgh program and the International Association of Round Square Schools. All of these are offered equally to boys and girls in a coeducational environment that mirrors the world of university and beyond.
LCC has increasingly become a bilingual institution. Courses are taught in both French and English with Spanish lessons offered to middle and senior school students.
Science comes alive when you solve a mock murder during our annual Grade 9 CSI event. Learn first-hand from Montreal?s crime scene professionals about how they get the job done. You even get to practice the CSI tricks of the trade in our newly renovated science labs. Select Broadcast Journalism in grade 10 or 11 as one of your options and make documentaries that deal with current global issues and other creative films. As a grade 9 student learn about everything that goes into theatre production when you put together your very own one-act play. Not only will you perform but you?ll also learn about lighting, directing, and marketing and communications. Students can opt to take an enriched sciences and math stream and even prepare to write the AP AB Calculus exam in May of their grade 11 year.

Sports Galore

Choose from over 18 different sports and compete against local schools as well as other independent schools from across the country. Boys? rugby and girls and boys soccer teams participate in the annual SEAL tournaments which take place in a different Canadian city every year. Senior Boys Hockey players look forward to a biennial European hockey tour that takes place during March Break. There are plenty of non-competitive athletic activities to pursue, including: jujitsu, yoga, hip hop, rock climbing, or simply working out in our weight training center.