Kuper Academy - Montreal Private School

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Kuper Academy's Junior School includes: a half-day K-3 preschool option, a government subsidized full-day K-4 program, a full-day five-year old Kindergarten and all cycles of the Quebec Elementary Program from grades one through six. The core curriculum is complemented by a variety of additional subjects such as social studies and the arts. We also offer an advanced math class in grades five and six.
Kuper Academy?s secondary program features sequential Middle and Senior School experiences. Middle School students in secondary I and II are housed in a separate portion of the building. Students are given special attention in order to ease the transition from elementary education to the more rigorous demands of the secondary level.
At the secondary levels, Kuper Academy is administered by the Head of School with the assistance of the Assistant Headmaster and the Dean of Student Life. Normally, there are four homeroom classes at each grade level with a maximum of twenty-five students per class.


Kuper's Middle School offers a rich learning experience in a safe, suburban setting.
Organized as a separate entity within the school, Middle School students are mentored by level advisers whose primary role is to help transition students into the high school experience.
Kuper values the relationship between home and school. In this light, all teachers, students and parents are connected interactively with the school portal. Assignments, projects and results are posted electronically in a secure and private intranet setting.
In addition to having access to exceptional on campus facilities, students also make use of an adjacent hockey arena as well as an indoor golf facility and city playing fields which are only a block away.
Middle school students typically follow a challenging curriculum where they are given the opportunity to follow advanced programs in mathematics and French. In addition, history, art and English courses are thematically organized as are geography and science and technology.
Spanish is taught as a third language. Information technology is incorporated in the cycle schedule introducing students to the fundamentals of word processing, research and presentation.
The Senior School, grades nine, ten and eleven, maintains the homeroom organization begun in the Middle School. Homeroom teachers continue the mentoring process with the aim of developing greater personal autonomy. In addition, each grade is guided by a level adviser whose primary role is to offer guidance and leadership. At the senior level, our program is anchored on the twin principals of academic achievement and personal development.
Senior students are encouraged to master the academic disciplines as well as the individual qualities that will prepare them for mature, productive citizenship. Beyond the classroom, co-curricular activities help students to develop self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, strong community spirit and lasting friendships.
The Senior School offers a challenging academic program and a rich co-educational school life. Kuper?s liberal arts curriculum is centered on the study of mathematics, pure sciences, literature, languages and history.
A dynamic fine arts program provides an outlet for creative expression and Kuper?s in-depth physical education program encourages lifelong physical fitness.
At the senior level, increased emphasis is placed on preparation for post secondary studies. Accelerated courses help motivate and challenge while unique options open up a variety of learning experiences. Whether studying the minute universe of the atom, reading classics from Shakespeare and Cervantes or pondering the importance of la coutume de Paris in our introductory law option, students can face their post secondary education with confidence and optimism.
Advanced courses in math and science make it possible for Kuper graduates to pursue a wide variety of post secondary studies. The English program exposes students to the canon of Western literature encouraging them to confront the great questions of our time. Those who are scientifically inclined may choose from courses in higher mathematics, robotics, physics and chemistry, while others may pursue philosophy, law, world history, art, drama or outdoor education.
The use of technology in the presentation of assignments and research is integrated into the curriculum and is included in homework expectations.
Upon successful completion of their studies in secondary III, IV and V, Senior School graduates earn the Quebec High School Leaving Certificate.
While the secondary school curriculum is offered in English, fluency in French remains a priority and the program is tailored to suit a student?s individual proficiency.
Secondary IV students who are sufficiently proficient may complete the secondary French requirement one year early and write the langue maternelle exam in secondary V. Upon successful completion of this exam they are granted a Certificate of Bilingualism by the Academy. Many of our students enter high school already knowing several languages and graduate mastering even more.

Senior School students participate in many learning activities outside the school. Budding scientist are involved in various science fairs sponsored by both universities and industries.
A special advanced biology program has been created in partnership with a marine biology institute in Saint Andrew?s, New Brunswick. Unique field trips take students to interesting and stimulating places.