Hebrew Academy - Montreal Private School

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Primary school: Hebrew Academy is dedicated to providing excellence in primary education guided by the principle of Torah Umada. The school values the complete integration of Judaic and general studies with a strong emphasis on Medinat Yisrael. The school provides an intensive program in Judaic Studies, French and English.
High School: Hebrew Academy High School upholds the school vision to strive for academic excellence in both Torah and secular studies. Committed to this goal, the Judaic department provides a rigorous program of Limudei Kodesh which is further enriched by a well integrated Kollel learning program. The general studies program far exceeds the Quebec government requirements, offering enrichment in French, English, Mathematics and Science. Each year students proudly participate in public speaking competitions in French and English, physic tournaments, science fairs, and model UN.
Students also develop leadership skills through their involvement in community-led chessed initiatives, regularly volunteering at MADA or the Friendship Circle. Several of our students are inducted into the National Honor Society each year, a prestigious honor reserved for those who demonstrate values of Midot Tovot, honesty, integrity and leadership.
Hebrew Academy for more than forty years has excelled in providing a ?Curriculum in Excellence? so every student who steps into our building can reach their potential.