College Prep International - Montreal Private School

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College Prep International is an English private, non-sectarian, co-educational school located in Montreal, founded in 1944. All students regardless of their mother language can apply for enrollment. There are no language restrictions with regards to registration. There are over twenty five international languages within our school family with students from Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, India,China,Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Phillipines, Australia and many other countries.
We offer individualized instruction and personal attention. A warm rapport between teacher and student is one of the most important factors in helping students adjust to a successful school life.
College Prep International welcomes students from foreign countries. Our small classes, and the personal attention we offer, are well suited to the needs of our international students. Class sizes are below fifteen students per teacher and can be as low as five students per teacher.
Our program recognizes the problem of transition from one educational system to another. Every effort is made to ease the student into the new environment. In this regard, the school has been eminently successful. Foreign students find this an excellent milieu for learning English, French, Science, Math and Social Studies.
The administration and faculty are in close contact with all our students and use many years of experience to help students realize their potential. Before acceptance, an interview is arranged for parents and students. Appointments are required and must be made in advance.