College Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur - Montreal Private School

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Le Collège Notre-Dame a été fondé à Montréal en 1869. Ce qui s'y vit est le fruit d'un riche héritage enraciné dans la vision éducative de la Congrégation de Sainte-Croix. Il reste fidèle à la tradition transmise par les fondateurs de la Congrégation de Sainte-Croix, tradition qui vise la formation intégrale et l'excellence pédagogique.
The school's sports program is one of the most developed in the Province of Quebec. Collège Notre-Dame has five mandatory physical education classes on a six school days schedule and teams in a dozen of different sports.
The football team, the Cactus, was created in 1958 and is playing in Quebec's AAA league. It has won eleven provincial championships. There are other sports teams, such as flag football for girls, broomball, basketball, cheerleading, hockey, soccer and volleyball.


Music classes are mandatory in grade 7 and grade 8. The class lasts 5 months which equals to a semester and is then replaced by EMRC (religious class) for the second semester of the same school year. Students can choose from wind instruments, percussions or double bass. Students playing the bassoon, oboe or double bass, will benefit from one private lesson per week with a specialist, since those instruments are particularly difficult for beginners. According to their performance, they can participate in a music concert at the end of the semester.
Those who would like to enrich their music skills can register their name at the Music Department, take private lessons with an expert and play in the different orchestras depending on their school level and technical/musical abilities. Musicians can also participate in the Concours Solistes et Petits Ensembles from the FHOSQ in Victoriaville. If they achieve a greater distinction mark, they win a prize, usually a certain amount of money for a specific music summer camp.