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DoggyDay Pet Services : DoggyDay provides support and stress-relief to dog owners by helping them to get to work on time, exercising their dogs in the middle of the day, and making it possible for them to go out at night! Animalerie Toutou : Animalerie Toutou • Pet shop in Vaudreuil area that provides quality animal services- Animal sales, grooming • (450) 455-8909 Anges Gardiennes : Everyone wants only the best for their pets. We know this and everything we do is to ensure the best care and customer service. More then 12 years, keeping your pets safe, happy and loved Bravo Fido : Bravo Fido is Montreal's leading positive dog trainer. Contact us today to get started. Hundreds of good dogs trained. Terminator Exterminateur : UN EXTERMINATEUR QUI VOUS EN DONNE PLUS Le CatShop : All kinds of cat-related things for humans and cats!