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Posted on 16-Apr-2024 2:09
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Are you interested in the world of truck dispatching? Whether you’re starting out as an independent truck dispatcher or part of a team, this beginner-friendly course on Avaal Technology has got you covered. Designed to equip you with essential knowledge, this course ensures you’re well-prepared for success in the trucking industry.
What You’ll Learn:
Fundamentals of Truck Dispatching: Understand the basics of operations management related to truck dispatching. Familiarize yourself with common terminology used in the field. Explore freight routing techniques.
Optimizing Load Assignments: Discover how to secure the best loads for your drivers. Learn how to effectively use load boards.
Course Structure: The course is divided into manageable sections, ensuring easy comprehension. Whether you’re a complete novice or have some basic knowledge, you’ll find valuable information here.
Future-Proof Your Skills: Gain confidence to start your own truck dispatching business. This course is the first in a series, with more advanced topics coming soon.
Business Setup and Growth: Learn how to set up, manage, and grow a successful trucking company. Acquire B2B sales and negotiation techniques. Experience real-life scenarios and hands-on training using essential software.
Course Content: Freight Brokerage Freight Matching Route Management Authorities & Permits Introduction to IT Border Crossing (ACE eManifest) Order Management C-TPAT, PIP, CSA
Flexible Learning Options: In-Person Classes: Available in Toronto, Sacramento, Surrey, and Winnipeg. Online Classes: Attend from anywhere, with live sessions and interactive training.
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