Tortoises and Turtles

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Posted on 20-Dec-2018 22:44
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We have the best selection of hand-raised tortoises for sale. We’ve got the species for sale in the world, all 100% captive bred. Our baby tortoise for sale selection is second to NONE, and the quality of our hand raised tortoise hatchlings for sale is as good as it gets!
We have males, females, babies and tested and proven breeding pairs of the following species Elegans Tortoises, Radiated Tortoises, Egyptian Tortoises,Russian Tortoises, Leopard Tortoise, Galapagos Tortoises, Hermann's Tortoise,Star Tortoises,Sulcata Tortoises and Other Turtles. Email for more details and Pictures.

Address 714 E 51st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5X 1E2, Canada