the European University in Tbilisi, Georgia,

Posted on 12-Mar-2024 6:58
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Established in 2012, the European University in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a leading institution offering a wide array of academic programs. The university is renowned for its faculties in medicine, dentistry, law, business, humanities, and social sciences, providing students with a well-rounded education. With a strong emphasis on practical learning and research, the European University aims to equip students with the necessary skills for success in their chosen fields. The institution's modern facilities, experienced faculty, and focus on international collaboration create an enriching and diverse learning environment. The European University's dedication to academic excellence and global perspectives attracts students from around the world, making it a prominent choice for quality education in Georgia.

Address MOXSH Overseas Educon Limited 159-160, Kaliandas Udyog Bhavan, Hasumal Tandel Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025, Maharashtra. (Landmark - Near Century Bazaar Signal)
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