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Posted on 9-Jan-2020 8:25
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Let me just start out by saying I am not earning any commission by sharing this information with you. I have come to know this vendor very well and he agreed to let me share some of my experiences with you about his business. I started looking for RC's few months ago, I had no idea what I was doing which made me a prime target for scam. Unfortunately, I did end up getting scammed and lost over three hundred dollars. This was because I was uneducated about the chemical research world. It cannot be a fun road to drive down at times because there are so many thieves out there. They will be so kind and nice to you and answer all your questions and then they will be pushy about you paying right away. Always remember if the vendor won't answer your questions or communicate with you or demands your money, more than likely it is a scam. Once you pay and they pick up your hard earned cash you can't get it back.
The only reason I gave this vendor a shot was because my good friend referred him and I knew he would not let me be scammed. I was still scared up until I started to email His name is Joshua, he was not pushy, he answered all my questions and I was a basket case by now because of all the money I lost. Poor guy never gave up on me, he reassured me daily that everything would be ok. He is true to his word, shipping was amazing and very desecrate. I was also worried about legal issues "remember this was my first time on inquiring about RC's." He assured me that he wasn't a cop. He went above and beyond to make me feel safe. His business is legit and his goal is to help people get what they need and in the proper timing too.
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