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Posted on 5-Jul-2019 14:32
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Strathmore Bottle Depot, waste management company, brings a sustainable way of living to you, by recycling the wastes and converting them to fresh usable, ultimately reducing the need to produce more harmful solids. Waste recycling in Strathmore Pick-up Service in the busy routine of life, it’s not possible every time to find out some time to deliver your wastes to the right place. It’s always good to do wastes recycling in Strathmore as it is beneficial for you, us and the whole planet. It can turn up your wastes into money, provides us the business, protects our planet from the ill effects, saves energy and cuts down pollution.

Address 35 Spruce Park Dr, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J2, Canada
Recycling in Strathmore | Strathmore Bottle Depot montreal