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Posted on 15-Dec-2023 9:00
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1 egg 1 cup vinegar clear jar or glass Directions:
Pour 1 cup of vinegar into jar Add the egg Record what you see (bubbles rising from the egg) Leave the egg in the vinegar for one day. please try at home and mail us your comment and feed back
Remove the egg and feel it. Record your observations (the egg shell will be soft)
What happened: Eggs contain something called "calcium carbonate".
This is what makes them hard. Vinegar is an acid known as acetic acid.
When calcium carbonate (the egg) and acetic acid (the vinegar) combine, a chemical reaction takes place and carbon dioxide (a gas) is released. This is what the bubbles are made of.
The chemical reaction keeps happening until all of the carbon in the egg is used up -- it takes about a day.
When you take the egg out of the vinegar it's soft because all of the carbon floated out of the egg in those little bubbles. NOW TRY THIS: Leave the same egg sitting out on the table for another day.

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