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Golden Detector Group | Mega g3 Detector 2019

Mega G3 device incorporates a lot of smart and advanced technologies for detection of gold, precious metals, diamonds and cavities .
Mega G3 includes second release of Mega Detection technology which detects buried targets signals by using special antennas designed exclusively to recive the weakest signals from buried targets.
The most important feature of Mega G3 is the ease-of-use feature with ergonomic, comfortable design of the systembox, and its handle.
It has easy-to-use control panel for adjusting device program settings and high-resolution colored display screen as well as a simple software program for both individuals who are using the system for the first time or professionals.

Search Systems :

1- Long Range Locator System:
Mega G3 includes advanced long range locator system that has been devloped exclusively for this device by Mega Locators.
It has high-accuracy built-in technology that receives emitted signals from gold and different types of metals, diamonds and gemstones using search antennas. The antennas are supported with additional signal boosting radar.
The device has built-in filters that work to identify the signal accuracy and confirmation of its existence.
The signal reception range starts from 250 meters and up to 2000 meters in the front range. In extreme depths, It is up to 40 meters in the ground. It has accurate determination of the size of the target and signal strength via a built-in analytical program in Mega G3 system.

By using Mega G3, the user can search for the following 8 targets:
• Gold Treasure
• Gold
• Silver
• Bronze
• Copper
• Cavity
• Gemstones
• Diamond

2- Ionic Scan System:

Mega G3 include a unique Ionic Scan system used to detect ionic radiations emitted from long time buried gold treasures and ancient artifacts in the ground.
Generally every metallic object buried underground has ionic field around it, and the radiat

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