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In 2023, there are approximately 9.5 lakh active physicians practicing in the United States, with individuals of Indian origin comprising about 8.5% of the entire physician community. India notably stands as the foremost contributor of International Medical Graduates to the US in terms of absolute numbers. It is crucial to note that for most of these Indian doctors, their journey involves Residency, rather than an MD program in the US.

Embarking on a Medical education journey in the United States presents a formidable challenge. However, for those with unwavering passion and a readiness to dedicate significant effort, the journey proves immensely rewarding. Upon completion, graduates equip themselves with the skills to serve the underprivileged, making a profound impact on lives—an endeavor that justifies the hard work and perseverance.

For aspiring Medical students who are not US citizens or permanent residents, gaining admission to a US Medical school presents a substantial hurdle. International students who cherish the opportunity to assist others and seek new and challenging experiences might consider pursuing Medical studies in the US. While the path is demanding and lengthy, the satisfaction lies in the prospect of securing a stable, well-compensated job that brings immense pride.

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