Posted on 6-Mar-2024 4:15
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Choosing to pursue an MBBS degree in Serbia presents an attractive option for Indian students.

Situated in south-eastern Europe, Serbia is a rapidly evolving country that has emerged as a promising destination for Indian students seeking to study MBBS abroad. The nation has already applied for European Union (EU) membership, with a strong possibility of accession by 2025.

In recent times, the Serbian government has directed significant efforts towards enhancing its educational infrastructure. The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has shifted the focus of international students seeking MBBS programs, making several European countries more appealing, with Serbia standing out prominently among them.

For international students considering MBBS in Serbia, the country's pursuit of EU membership is a notable factor. Serbia's academic institutions have been bolstered, recognizing the substantial contributions made by foreign students to its economy.

Regarding the MBBS program, in Serbia, it is termed as MD, following the European convention. Graduates with an MD from a Serbian Medical University, as listed in the table provided in the subsequent section (WDOMS list), are eligible to take the NEXT exam to practice medicine in India. Alternatively, they can opt to take the USMLE and pursue a Medical Postgraduate (PG) program in the United States, opening doors to international career opportunities.

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