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Posted on 5-Mar-2024 5:20
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Russia has historically stood as one of India's most steadfast allies since its independence. This enduring bond has significantly contributed to the growing popularity of MBBS programs in Russia among Indian students. Pursuing an MBBS degree in Russia has become a highly coveted option for Indian students seeking to venture into the field of medicine abroad. Since 1985, Russia has been witnessing a steady influx of Indian students enrolling in medical programs, solidifying its position as a premier destination for MBBS education.

Each year, over 4,000 Indian students embark on a journey to study MBBS in Russia, highlighting the fact that more than half of those pursuing medical education abroad are drawn to this remarkable country. Russia's renowned institutions further underscore its standing as a provider of top-tier medical education. Consequently, the field of medicine in Russia has emerged as a favored pathway for Indian students aiming to achieve excellence in the medical domain on an international scale.

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