MBBS in Caribbean Med Schools

Posted on 5-Mar-2024 5:59
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The United States is currently facing a shortage of doctors, with projections from the US Medical Schools Association indicating a need for nearly 100,000 more physicians by the year 2033. Despite this demand, international students seeking direct admission to mainland US medical schools often encounter a series of rejection letters.

The rise in popularity of pursuing an MBBS in the Caribbean began around 2016, particularly among Indian students who were considering the US as a potential destination for their medical education. However, due to the considerable challenges in gaining admission to US medical schools directly, these students began exploring alternative pathways. Caribbean medical schools emerged as an appealing alternative route to US medical schools, offering an initial glance at potential opportunities but also presenting various hurdles.

With a total of 31 medical schools scattered across Caribbean islands, students have a range of options to consider when contemplating studying medicine in the Caribbean. It is advisable to carefully assess the reputation and cost of each respective school before making a decision.


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