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Posted on 12-Mar-2024 4:41
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Advantages of Pursuing MBBS at Jilin University, China

Jilin University boasts a current enrollment of over 150 Indian students in its MBBS program, with approximately 70 hailing from South India and the remainder from other regions across India. The curriculum aligns closely with that of Indian government medical colleges, making it a favored choice among students despite the chilly weather in Changchun.

Here are the key benefits of studying MBBS at Jilin University:

1. Cost-Effective Tuition:
- The university offers a low-cost tuition fee structure, making it financially feasible for students pursuing MBBS in China.

2. Top 10 Ranking:
- Jilin University ranks among the top 10 MBBS universities in China, adding to its reputation and academic excellence.

3. Positive Reviews:
- Indian students have lauded Jilin University's medical program, recognizing it as one of the best, despite its B+ grade rating.

4. MCI Recognition:
- Jilin University is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), ensuring that the MBBS degree earned here is valued and acknowledged in India.

5. Prestigious Institution:
- As one of China's top-ranked universities, Jilin University offers a high standard of education and facilities.

6. Five-Year Program with Indian Internship:
- The MBBS program at Jilin University spans five years, with the internship phase allowed to be conducted in India. This helps students save on tuition and hostel costs for one year.

7. Affordable Living:
- Located in Northeast China, Jilin University benefits from lower living costs, making it more affordable for international students.

8. High Passing Ratio:
- Nearly 70% of Jilin University's students pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) or MCI screening test, indicating a strong academic support system.


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