HP Laptop Touchpad Scroll Not Working? Solve it Right Now

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Posted on 13-Apr-2019 7:31
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1. Restart your laptop: If your HP laptop Touchpad scroll not working then restart the device. It can solve many technical issues. You can reboot your laptop and try your Touchpad again to see it is working or not. Sometimes this simple step can instantly resolve your problem. If you still do not understand anything, then you can call HP support phone number

2. Troubleshoot the hardware problems: Sometimes hardware causes major issues. You can contact the HP helpline phone number. You can resolve it by using simple steps:
Firstly, open Control panel
Click troubleshooting and then click hardware and sound.
Now click on hardware and device
Then wait until the troubleshooting process completes.
Then follow the on-screen wizard to automatically fix the detected issues and reboot your laptop.

If you follow the above methods to get the solution for your HP laptop Touchpad, you will be able to resolve your problems easily. If you still do not understand anything, then you can call HP helpline phone number. However, if you have already applied these methods and still suffering from hp laptop touchpad not working problem or other issues you can also take an expertÂ’s assistance.