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Posted on 4-Aug-2022 6:57
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CIOs and internal security teams often find it difficult to ensure security of their critical data owing to the increasing number of cyberattacks & breaches. Such attacks create a denting monetary & non-monetary impact on an enterprise. In the absence of a well-defined cybersecurity policy, these applications and data can serve as the potential target of cyberattacks. ESDS Experienced Cybersecurity experts allow businesses to focus on their key growth areas while ensuring complete security of web applications and data against various threats & vulnerabilities.

ESDS SOC Services

ESDS SOC Services ensure 3600 protection against digital and cyberthreats on an OPEX model. These services are completely compliant with the latest industry standards, ensuring the highest data security and privacy since applications are present within Indian geographic boundaries.

Why ESDS SOC Services?

With ESDS SOC Services, get the following benefits backed with top-notch security-

1. Detailed Insights on Threats and Vulnerabilities
2. Industry-compliant Services
3. Cost-Effective Security Offerings
4. 24x7 Dedicated Tech Support

ESDS SOC Services Portfolio

ESDS SOC Services portfolio comprises of-

1. Eagle Eye Services: It is a subscription-based service that allows security monitoring for ensuring customerÂ’s security posture maintenance by proactive reporting of security incidents through actionable intelligence for faster mitigation of security incidents

2. Security InSight Services: Security InSight Services allow customers to identify the cybersecurity posture of their information systems and the organization. ESDS Security InSight Services helps in identifying critical security elements that can be added for addressing the desired security posturing levels