Everything to Know About Canadian Hours of Service Rules

Posted on 4-Apr-2024 5:12
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The trucking industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the country. The Canadian government has developed rules and regulations to protect industry workers and keep our roads safe. Hours of Service (HOS) regulations are some of the most important ones and are designed to reduce the number and severity of trucking collisions by addressing driver fatigue. Every transportation company is required to comply with HOS regulations, which is why it is important to fully understand what is laid out in it.
It is important for every trucking company and truck driver to understand and comply with all of Canada’s Hours of Service rules. AVAAL’s Hours of Service and Log Book training course covers all of these regulations, as well as covers the differences in regulations for drivers that operate in the U.S. Students also learn how to accurately fill out logbooks in order to meet compliance standards.
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