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Posted on 15-Mar-2024 3:15
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Trucking is one of the most regulated industries in Canada and the U.S. No matter what role you play in the industry, understanding all of the required safety standards and being compliant with all regulations will be necessary. In AVAAL’s Trucking Safety & Compliance course, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the industry’s safety and compliance requirements.

Industry-Wide Application
No matter what job you take in the transportation and logistics industry, understanding safety and compliance will be required. From trucking dispatchers to truck drivers, everyone in the industry has to follow government guidelines. You can apply the knowledge you’ll learn in AVAAL’s training course to any role you take in the industry, giving you a step up on the competition.

Beneficial Knowledge
Understanding trucking safety and compliance can have tons of benefits. Both employers and employees benefit from working with those that fully understand the laws of the industry. Not only will it keep you complying with the law, but it can also increase your carrier rating, attract quality drivers, improve employee retention, help reduce costs, and save lives!

Covers Key Topics
There are many different trucking regulations, and in AVAAL’s Safety and Compliance Course, we cover all key topics surrounding the issue. You’ll get a comprehensive look at both Canada and U.S. rules and regulations, plus we cover important material like:

• Carrier Safety Rating
• Records Keeping (Drivers Qualification Files, Vehicle Files, HOS)
• Step-by-Step Self Audit Program
• Performance Evaluation
• Comprehensive Safety Program
• Hours of Service and ELDs

Enroll today and take the first steps to understand everything you need to know about trucking safety and compliance!

This course can help you establish a legal and safe trucking business or set you apart from other employees, opening up more opportunities in this industry. Safety and compliance are critical issues in t

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