Diode laser hair removal machine for sale

Posted on 26-Aug-2022 6:51
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Triplewavelength Diode Laser BM-108

Application of Laser Three Wavelengths Laser Hair Removal Machine

♦ Permanent hair removal for all color and skin types
♦ Depilation on back, chest, legs and arms on all kind of hair color from black hair to white hair
♦ Hair removal in bikini, underarms, lips, etc.
♦ No pain and shorter treatment sessions

Working theory

Alexandrite 755nm is the most extensive choice for hair types and colors. 755nm laser is shown greater energy by melanin absorption, making it suitable for clear and fine hair or weakened color. Especially for hair embedded in eyebrows and upper lip, It has good penetration.

808nm diode is wavelength 808nm, offering greater penetration with higher average available energy, and it can make safe for any type of skin, even very dark ones. Its depth is useful for arms, legs, cheeks, neckline and beard.

Nd YAG 1064nm is suitable for dark skin, offering the highest penetration, reaching bulbous, papilla and also handling hair that is deeply embedded in the scalp, arms and pubic areas.

Characteristics of Laser Three Wavelengths Laser Hair Removal Machine

1, The portable design is more economical for you.
2, The best laser wavelength, 808NM, 755NM, 1064NM
3, The light pulse time is too long to adjust, protect the skin and remove hair of different thickness.
4, The specially designed skin adjustment function can soften the skin at the same time it removes hair.
5, Safe. The safety of cooling patent technology by cooling contact does not damage the skin five, the large square dot, quickly removes hair, speeds up the treatment.
6, Comfortable, fast and convenient. The original mode of the freezing point laser can emit 10 laser pulses per second, and the pulse mode is unique, completely beyond the traditional laser pulse, the treatment process can not only slip quickly, but also, on the other hand, It indicates that the hair follicle is effective, es

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