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Posted on 5-Feb-2024 1:58
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Our dentists at Arlington Dental offer dental veneers in Toronto, ON, consisting of porcelain or composite resin. Most patients choose porcelain veneers because they look more like real tooth enamel. Light reflects off the material as it does enamel, so it looks more realistic than composite veneers.

However, if cost is a concern that you have about these cosmetic pieces, then composite resin is less expensive than porcelain. Our dentists are skilled at sculpting the material so that a veneer looks real, and can cover the flaws of the tooth nearly perfectly.

If your teeth embarrass you because of their imperfections, you no longer need to put up with them. Our dentists at Arlington Dental can order dental veneers in Toronto, ON, to cover teeth so that any flaws get hidden. With your teeth looking their best, you and those closest to you will notice as you gain more confidence, especially as you start smiling and laughing again.

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