caracal and caracat kittens available

Price $3000
Posted on 5-May-2023 10:22
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they are perfect for a family, they adapt to apartments and country houses. they are sociable, they are the ideal companion for you. they are working cats and will alert you in the presence of an intruder, they love games, they are a bit like dog cats, because they love hugs , and have a large size, they are sensitive and attentive, they prefer to be treated like children. They are gentle and obedient, they are easy to talk to. they are little affected by health problems. they don't eat a lot, they are very sporty, they will instinctively want to protect you in case of danger. they have a zest for life, are happy by nature, they are less fragile like other cats, are very robust, it is ideal for a family with children and other pets, their eyes show you that life is good, they don't need a lot of space, they are not territorial, they love physical activity, they are lively and determined

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