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Posted on 12-Mar-2024 4:38
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Securing a Seat for MBBS Abroad Admission 2023-24

Each year, students eagerly await the results of their NEET entrance exams before finalizing their plans for applying to MBBS programs abroad. However, this waiting game often proves to be a costly mistake, as the application deadlines for many MCI-approved MBBS programs abroad pass before the NEET results are declared. Consequently, students may find themselves wasting another year by having to repeat the process. MOKSH presents an innovative solution: reserve your seat and secure your admission letter as a strategic PLAN B.

In the event that you gain admission through the NEET exam, there is no need to proceed with your chosen MBBS program abroad. However, if you do not secure a spot, you will have a well-prepared backup plan at your disposal. This approach proves to be a wise decision, particularly for students who have already secured their medical seats. Here are some crucial points to consider:

1. The fees for private medical colleges have surged by nearly 50%, amounting to approximately Rs. 75 Lacs for the entire course.

2. Only a mere 3% of students manage to secure spots in government medical colleges.

By reserving your seat in advance, you safeguard your academic journey, ensuring that you have a viable option in case your initial plans do not materialize. This proactive step not only saves time but also provides peace of mind, allowing you to pursue your medical aspirations with confidence.

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