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Posted on 29-Jul-2022 18:41
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This Oracle PL SQL Online Training Course furnishes you with the total abilities expected to make, execute and oversee strong database applications utilizing the Oracle database instruments. A portion of the points secured are – comprehension of the Basic Procedural Language/Structured Query Language, subprogram, segment and grammar inquiry, DML, progressed DML and scripting.

What you will learn in ORACLE PL/SQL Training?
Figuring out how to configuration, construct and oversee database applications in Oracle 11g
Composing Oracle PL/SQL codes for creating put away methods, triggers and bundles
Overseeing and making database grouping, equivalent word and tables
Enhancing information security, execution and uprightness
Utilize SQL designer for control and recovery of information productively
Different PL/SQL segments like Declaration, Execution, and Exception Handling
SQL order real gatherings – DDL, DML, DCL and TCL.

Address Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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