Acupuncture for Women's Health & Fertility Montreal, Quebec

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Posted on 27-Apr-2022 16:08
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Women of all ages can benefit from acupuncture care. For young women just beginning to menstruate, acupuncture can help relieve cramps and PMS.Licensed Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Dr. Yu Zhao creates specialized and effective treatment plans using Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat symptoms of PMS, menstrual cramps, menopause, infertility, pregnancy-related discomfort and pain, and postpartum physical and mental issues. If you have any questions regarding TCM treatment for women's health or fertility, please call us at 514-638-9338 for an appointment with Dr. Yu Zhao for a personal consultation. To book an appointemnt visit

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Acupuncture for Women`s Health & Fertility Montreal, Quebec montreal