3D Printing / 3D Modelling / Painting

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Posted on 28-Nov-2023 8:41
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Welcome to RD Print Services!

We Provide - Custom 3D Printing service for miniatures, tools, toys, figurines, prototypes, jewelry, décor, or anything else!

Send us your .stl files to have them printed in high resolution colorful resin on our 3D printer. Prints can be made from your own files, or ones that you found online!

For ideas, try:
- Thingiverse ( www.thingiverse.com )
- Hero Forge ( www.heroforge.com )

Multiple colors available! You can see them in the last picture of any of our products on the Etsy platform - rdprintservices.etsy.com If you want a different color that is not included in the ones shown, send us a private message or indicate an example in the order description.

If your order consists of multiple parts, please submit a single order for one of the parts and include details in your message. A custom order will be created for you to cover the cost of additional parts.

We have lots of experience in making custom prints from models, ideas, or anywhere else. Send us a message and let's see what we can do!

More products in our Etsy store - rdprintservices.etsy.com

Web site - www.rdprint.ca
Pinterest - www.pinterest.ca/RDprint_3D

Email - [email protected]
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rdprint3d
Phone - 514 559 5843 / 514 467 3958

You can get fast and free quote on our site - www.rdprint.ca/send-a-request

Address 5795 Rue Donahue 101
3D Printing / 3D Modelling / Painting montreal
3D Printing / 3D Modelling / Painting montreal
3D Printing / 3D Modelling / Painting montreal