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War Of The Zombies!Free to pay! no downs! : Montreal, Quebec Entertainment - games

Posted on: 21-Mar-2012 21:55
Price: $0
War Of The Zombies!Free to pay! no downs!
War Of The Zombies!
MMORPG that is Free to pay!
no downs!
come join the fun!
Text based Role-playing game
Be Prepared the apocalypse is coming!!!!
On May 21, 2011 the United States Federal Goverment Center For Disease Control issued a warning of Zombie Apocalypse.

This game is based on what befoul Planet Earth, Why oh why did they not stop it before it was too late?

This game was made by players for players
So many of the most common problems that detract from players enjoyment have been addressed and removed!

Sweet Mary Robson
Lived on Juniper Street
Til a Zombie Grabbed her hair
Gave her such the scare
Sweet Mary Robson
no longer lives on Juniper street
that is where she prowls
Looking for someone flat of feet
TO EAT!...

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