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Spice your life up while making new friends!!!!! : Montreal, Quebec Community - groups

Posted on: 17-May-2012 17:32
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Spice your life up while making new friends!!!!!
With its contagious music and undeniable sensuality, Salsa has become a worldwide phenomenon!

Salsa is a life changing adventure!

The feeling of confidence, freedom, and passion flowing through your body every time you step foot on the dance floor is more than amazing!

You are immersed in the music and submerged in sweat. With your feet burning and your hair stuck to your face, you will forget where you are and you will indulge in the wave of rhythm and dance. There will be nothing else!

Social benefits of Salsa: Salsa helps build new relationships and make old ones stronger. Couples become more intimate and self-esteem rises. People are high on energy and confidence and therefore feel more comfortable interacting with others.

Private and semi-private classes! No partner needed! Affordable prices!

Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Hip-hop, Contemporary Dance, Belly Dancing, Lady Syling and much more!

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