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Simon Air Quality | Air Quality Professional in Ottawa : Montreal, Quebec Business - for rent

Posted on: 10-Apr-2017 9:52
Price: $10000
Simon Air Quality | Air Quality Professional in Ottawa
Our mission at Simon Air Quality is to provide excellent service to our customers while delivering accurate, quick, and scientific based results. Whatever your indoor air quality concern, our technicians will investigate, detect, analyze, and produce results to better improve the air in which you breath every day, for the most part of the day. Simon Air Quality has an accumulation of experience and credentials in HVAC, radon, and home inspections. From top to bottom, any house with an indoor air quality issue can be treated/remedied. Sick building syndrome is a serious concern. Because this effects any occupants health in a negative way, Simon Air Quality is diligent, quick and responsive when addressing it. No one should have to live in a home that compromising their health just by being in it, and Simon Air Quality is here to make sure that doesn't happen. From home-owners to business owners, Simon Air Quality will examine any indoor environment for potential air-borne dangers. Abatement companies can call us to deliver clearance ait tests. Home owners may call us to perform indoor air quality tests to ensure peace of mind.
Address: 145, 3325 Uplands Dr

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