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Research participant needed for Concordia Shopping Motives Study : Montreal, Quebec Community - general

Posted on: 29-Jan-2016 23:24
Price: $
Research participant needed for Concordia Shopping Motives Study
Are you 20 years of age or above and NOT a full-time student? You may be eligible to participate! Financial compensation provided ($15 per session).

We are currently conducting a research study on the associations with shopping behavior at Concordia University - Loyola Campus. The study consists of 2 in-lab sessions (45 minutes each) that are a week apart from one another. In each session, you will complete a computer task and answer some questions about your shopping behaviors and patterns. In the week between the two sessions, we will also ask you to record your daily shopping expenses. No foreseeable risks are associated with the study procedure.

If you are interested, please email

You will be emailed a link to determine your eligibility. Further information on scheduling will be provided to you if you match the participant profile for this research.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
Address: 7141 Sherbrooke Street West PY-239

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