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post your ads automatically : Montreal, Quebec Business - partnership

Posted on: 18-Jun-2012 13:14
Price: $
Now you can use one piece of software to place your ads on more than 900 sites including

Craigslist, Backpage and Ebay Classifieds!

Posts ads on more than 900 sites automatically

AdPoster database has 900 sites including Craigslist, Backpage and Ebay Classifieds.

Post your ad on all the Web in a few clicks and get a large audience for your product.

Automatic Email Confirmation

Includes an automatic E-mail confirmation of your ad posting. Easy to set. No need to click confirmation links from hundreds of sites! AdPoster will do it for you

Free Online Business Card

Allows to create your own free online business card right out from the program. Itís the best way to present your product to customers if you donít have your own website.

Captcha Bypass Service

Includes Captcha bypass service that solves anti-spam images on bulletin boards. We have teamed up with the company Decaptcha to deliver our users the ability to never have to enter captcha againÖ ever!


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